My Projects:

Design and Implementations of MIMO-OFDM System using USRPs

Ghulam Abbas, Waqar Aziz, Ebtisam Ahmed
Undergraduate Orgnization: IST - Institute of Space Technology, Start Date: 01 Jul 11, End Date: 10 Aug 12


Developments in the wireless communication system are the evolving field of research in today’s world. The demand of high data rate, low latency at the minimum cost by the user requires many changes in the hardware organization. Multi Antenna Systems also called MIMO systems are a recent development that has revolutionized the communication industry by significantly increasing the throughput rates over frequency selective wireless fading channel. The use of digital modulation techniques like OFDM in adjacent with the MIMO systems assures the reliability of communication in addition to providing flexibility and robustness. Modifications in the hardware structure can be replaced by the change in software only which gives birth to Software Define Radio (SDR): a radio which is more flexible as compared to conventional radio and can perform signal processing at the minimum cost. GNU Radio with the help of Universal Software Peripheral Radio (USRP) provides a flexible and the cost effective SDR platform for the purpose of implementing MIMO-OFDM system. Real time video is transmitted for validation of the work.