Course Information

This is the Electronic Devices Lab, being offered to Electrical Engineering Students of IST Islamabad – Pakistan. This is the compulsory course for all disciplines under Electrical Engineering. Electronics Circuit Analysis course is required to study this course. In Electronic Devices course we try to cover all applications of basic Electronic Devices commonly available in market as like Diodes, Transistors, Resistor, Capacitors, Inductors, Switches, Relays and some basic ICs as like 555 Timer but major portion of this course contains on Diode and Transistor only. This course is very important to study the advance courses of electronics as like digital electronics, industrial electronics, power electronics, and etc. 


This is the most important course for any kind of development related to Electronic System. For implementing the FYP or any kind of research on hardware you will need the concept of this course. Without using Electronic Devices no one can implement any circuit for any kind of electronics, embedded or signaling system. Just see around the world and think is there anything which takes electricity and do not have electronic devices in it. I am sure you will find none.


Marks Distribution will be as given below

Lab Reports 15 05 %
Assignments 02 05 %
Quizzez 10 10 %
OHTs 02 20 %
Project 01 40 %
Final Exam 01 20 %
Total   100%

Course Contents

In this Lab we will cover all the below given topics.

  • Diode
    • I-V Characteristics of Silicon and Zener Diode
    • AND Gate and OR Gate
    • Rectifier (Half Wave, Full Wave)
    • Clippers (Positive, Negative, Biased, Combinational)
    • Limiter Circuits
    • Clampers (Positive, Negative)
    • Voltage Multiplier
    • Multiple Voltage Outputs
    • Wave Shaping
    • Voltage Regulator


  • Transistors



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Course Comments

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