Posted on:    19 Jan 16     
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Dear Students of EE-11 & EE-13-A&B

Everyone needs to email me only Final Version of your Project Report. Project Report must be in both, MS Word and PDF format. If your project has any coding, do send me its code separately in txt file also, so that I could verify.

Email must be with proper style:
  1. Email Heading: Subject Name + "Project Report of " + Your Name => e.g., ED Project Report of Ghulam Abbas
  2. File Name: Last 2 Digit of Reg # - Full Name - Class Name with section => e.g., 23-Ghulam-Abbas-EE-13-A
  3. Files must be attached in MS Word & PDF format, also code file if exist


You have to mail me only once, please do double check before sending me email. If you start sending me multiple emails, I will not consider any of the Report. Also if your report would contain plagiarism more than 20% I will start deducting marks and eventually would mark zero if I found any para or any major portion copy-paste from the internet or any other source.


Please do send me your report before 10 AM till tomorrow 20, Jan 2016. If you got fail in sending me report on time. I will mark zero in Report.


Wish you all the Best Wishes Always!

Ghulam Abbas



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